3 Ways Adding an Intercom Helps Improve Home Safety

Article Posted by Expert Author: Emma Prior  on 04/08/2013

Upgrading to an intercom system from a company like Brinks Home Security can have a much larger impact on your security than you may think. Let's review 3 ways you can stay safe thanks to an intercom.


  1. An intercom helps you avoid opening the door for strangers. When you have an intercom, you can find out exactly who's at your door and what they want before you ever open yourself up to danger.
  2. An intercom lets you get important info to the household quickly. In an emergency situation you won't have time to wander the house and gather anyone. An intercom that's wired throughout the house allows you to get important information to everyone in the house - instantly.
  3. You'll feel safe and secure. Let's not forget how important it is for you to feel safe in your own home. The more confident you feel there, the better able you will be to protect yourself and your family in the event of an emergency.


These are just 3 ways that an intercom system can be a huge advantage as a part of a comprehensive home security system.


As you move forward in researching home security systems, keep in mind the goals that you have for you and your family.  The best monitoring and alarm system is the one that you will use and rely on; this means that it may or may not require all the bells & whistles.  Make sure you understand your goals and values up front before designing your system.


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