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Deciding Which of the Many Home Security Systems in Chicago is Right for You


When you start comparing home security companies in Chicago, you find that ADT, Protect America and FrontPoint come out on top as the three most recommended picks. Quite honestly, any of these options are fantastic. These are trusted companies with their own list of thoughtful and innovative features. Choosing the right one is as easy as evaluating your own needs and comparing those needs to the features provided by each of the top home security systems Chicago offers.

The first thing you will want to determine is if you need a product that is 100 percent wireless. If you have a rental home, this may be a top priority on your list. In this case, FrontPoint would be your best option. Do you want a system that allows you to control your lights, thermostat and door locks from your smartphone, no matter where you are? If yes, then ADT will be the right home alarm monitoring company for you. Would you prefer to try a company out first and see how you like them? Protect America gives you a seven-day trial. Coincidently, Protect America is the only company that also offers GPS tracking for your vehicle; a feature you may or may not be interested in.

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Home Security Systems Geek Website Launch

If you are looking for a comprehensive resource that will help answer any questions you may have about the safety and security of your home and family, you have come to the right place.  We are pleased to announce the launch of Home Security Systems Geek, a website dedicated to bringing targeted, useful information to consumers simply and efficiently.  We have built this resource by asking ourselves who and what are the most important things in our lives.  Simply put, family is irreplaceable.  When you think about your home, you want to consider it a safe haven for your loved ones.  Home security systems are an important component to providing that extra safety net.  Your home system should be reliable in warning you about smoke and fire, carbon monoxide, and deter any threats against home invasions.  We have assembled information about the top systems available on the market, and have also identified ancillary issues pertaining to this topic.  Refer back here often to see what may be next on your list for protecting your most valuable possession - your family.  


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Comparing Home Security Systems? Houston, Texas, Offers Protect America

Many people find they get very overwhelmed when they start comparing home security systems Houston Texas because there are several companies to choose from, but they certainly are not all equally as trustworthy. Even if someone you know refers you to a specific company you should still do your homework because a security package that is suitable for them may not fulfill your needs. Although ADT is the most popular and trusted security company in Houston, Protect America has a standup reputation and a lot to offer as well.

Protect America offers a GE Wireless Home Security System that has protected almost half a million homes across the county. The control panel features an LCD screen, one-touch emergency button and digital voice technology, and lets you control more than 40 zones from one place. You can opt for touchscreen display, if you choose. Even if your home security system is disarmed, Protect America still monitors your smoke detectors and contacts the fire department when needed. Wireless window and door sensors trigger the alarm when opened by an intruder and available home security cameras let you watch live feed from any internet-enabled device. Protect America also offers plenty of other security features, such as a keychain remote control and solar yard sign light.

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What do ADT Security System Reviews Consist Of?

What is holding you back from having a security package installed in your home? Is it that you are not quite sure if you really need one? Are you wondering how much one costs, and if the expense is really worth it. Maybe you are afraid that if you have a security review done you will feel pressured to purchase a system. Well, rest-assured that this is not the case with ADT. They offer a free home security evaluation and you are never under any obligation to buy. You may also be interested to know that they offer low monthly payments, and considering they have protected more than 8 million homes since 1874, there are a lot of ADT security system reviews available to read.

One of the great things about ADT is that there are a ton of thoughtful features included in every package. With some security companies, you have to pay extra for things like touchpads or carbon monoxide monitoring, but not with ADT. In fact, every home security package includes a motion detector, indoor sounder, window and door sensors, touchpad, control panel and fire burglary and carbon monoxide monitoring. Then, ADT offers extras that you can add on, such as climate and lighting control and glass-break detector.

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Need Home Security? Houston Residents Should Consider ADT

You probably already know that if you are looking for home security Houston there are quite a few options to choose from. So determining which one is best for your home, lifestyle and needs is a huge decision. You need a product and a company that you know you can trust. After all, a security system is only as good as the peace-of-mind that comes along with it. If you ask family, friends, coworkers and even neighbors which Houston home security company they use, you will likely find ADT mentioned several times.

ADT was founded in 1874 and has now protected nearly 8 million homes. It does not matter what time you need them, day or night, their monitoring service is always there watching over you. There is a lot of comforting feelings that come along with knowing that your home, loved ones and pets are safe, even when you are not there. ADT offers many home security packages with tons of thoughtful details, like the power to control your thermostat from your smartphone. Houston gets hot; wouldn’t it be nice to crank down the temperature right before you leave for work so you can come home to a nice cool space? Whether you need video surveillance, home health security, carbon monoxide monitoring or any other feature that you can think of, ADT is sure to have it.

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