What Consumers Need to Know About the Brinks Home Security and ADT Merger

Brinks Home Security was purchased by Broadview a number of years ago, and has been synonymous with high quality security service for thousands of customers.  Recently, Brinks and ADT have merged to form one super-security company.  Let's take a look at what these developments mean for both consumers as well as home security competition.

Many residential and business customers were initially unsure about the merger. Does this mean the prices will go up due to less competition? Would ADT Home Security have a monopoly on the market or would they continue to provide some of the top home security services? The answers may surprise you.

  • There's plenty of competition. ADT has long been the #1 home security provider in the United States, and with almost 1 and a half million customers, the former Brinks wasn't far behind. However, there's still plenty of competition, which means consumers get the best of Brinks and ADT – but at competitive prices. That's a merger to smile about.
  • There are now more coverage areas. Now that the two companies have become one, there is virtually nowhere in the U.S. that's not covered by ADT. Not only do they still have coverage where they've always had coverage, but now they offer services in the areas they didn't cover but were covered by Brinks. Sure, there's some overlap, but there are also tons of areas that now have access to the #1 home security company in the country.
  • More monitoring means better service. In areas where both companies existed before the merge, there are still huge advantages. For example, consider that both companies had their own monitoring stations. Most of them have stayed open, which means more monitoring overall and better coverage for the customer.
  • Customers have access to better technology. It's important to remember that ADT and Brinks home security were not identical companies who've simply become one. Instead, each had their own proprietary security products and technologies. Now that they've merged, customers have access to the services and products of the both.
  • Take advantage of a wealth of experience. One of the advantages of working with ADT is the fact that they have a long history of providing exceptional service. In fact, they've been in the home security business for more than 130 years! That's much longer than the competition. Now Brinks customers can benefit from those years of experience.


Putting it Into Perspective – Is The Merger a Smart Move Overall?

Of course industry analysts all have their own opinions about the merger, but the overwhelming majority agree that this is a smart move from both companies, and that it has had a great result for consumers. ADT Home Security will save on overhead expenses by combining the two companies, which frees up more capital to invest in new technologies and services for the customers. With more than 6 million customers, ADT is clearly doing something right.

When it comes to home security systems, ADT and Brinks can be considered a "dream team" in protecting your most valuable possessions - your home and family.  Check out what they have to offer today, and see if you can configure a home monitoring system that meets your specific requirements.

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