Compare Home Security Companies - Your Safety Checklist

Having a home security system installed is a great way to provide peace of mind and protect your property from burglary. But it's not the only way. Every layer of security added to your current strategy will provide your family with that much more of a shield should thieves decide to come calling.

Your Home Security - Inside and Outside

home security check listTotal home security means having strategies put in place both on the inside and outside of your home. And they don't have to cost much at all to implement.

Inside The Home

If you plan to be away for more than a few days, it's important that you make your home look as occupied as possible. This may mean putting all of your lights on timers so that they turn off and on at different times. Or, you may want to leave a radio or television running while you are gone.

Another idea is to turn the ringer down on your home phone. A constantly-ringing phone that doesn't get picked up is like a welcome mat to a burglar.

An easy way to make your patio door burglar-proof is to place some kind of bar in the track so that the door cannot slide open. The bar used can be a piece of wood or a piece of pipe; anything that can't easily be broken if someone attempts to force the door open.

Placing any valuables into a safe is far preferable to leaving them on dressers or countertops. Another way to reduce the risk of valuables being stolen is to store them at bank in a safety deposit box.

A popular warning from many home security experts is not to advertise any expensive items you may own. Many homeowners do this unknowingly. To reduce your risk, a simple yet effective idea is to ensure that your blinds and drapes are closed. This will force anyone who wants to see what you have to get closer to your home in order to do so.

Outside The Home

Those who are going to be away are also advised to have someone arrive at the home to collect mail and newspapers so that they don't alert burglars that no one is home.

Although it may seem convenient, it's best if you don't leave notes on the door for friends, family or service people. If a thief should see it before the intended recipient does, it could mean a good chance of your home being burglarized.

The garage door is something that many homeowners neglect to keep closed at all times. Even if you are home, an open garage door can not only lead burglars to any valuables you keep there, but it can also give them plenty of time to study how your garage door works so that they can breach it when you are not home.

Lighting is only as good as the homeowner who remembers to flip on the switch. Those motion-sensor lights will not work unless they are turned on. And so leaving a note just inside the door to switch on the lights before you leave can help you to make it a habit.

Checking your door hinges is also important, as if they are located on the outside of the door, they can easily be removed by knocking out the hinge pin. The solution? Take down the door and reset the hinges so that they are facing to the inside of the door.

Although simple, when used together, these security tips can ensure that any burglar will have to take time and use effort to enter your home.

Comparing Home Security Companies

home security keypadWith so many different home security companies on the market, it can be difficult to decide which one works best for you. The easiest way to make an informed decision is to compare home security companies side by side in order to assess the various features each provider has available.

We've compiled the latest information on the top 5 security companies across America. Some have decades of experience while others are relative newcomers, but all have proven themselves to be at the top of the game. 




Protect America




Free professional installation Self-installation Self-installation Self-installation Free self-installation (professional installation available for a fee)

Types of Security Offered

Burglary, fire, environmental &    life safety Burglary and fire Burglary and fire Burglary, fire, flood, carbon monoxide, and medical Burglary, fire, and flood

Trial Offer

6 month satification guarantee None 7 days 30 day 30 day

Smartphone Application

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

GPS Vehicle Tracking

No No Yes No No

Wireless Capabilities

Depends on the plan Yes Yes Yes Yes


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