Preparing For an Emergency - Do You Have a Family Emergency Plan?

Article Posted by Expert Author: Emma Prior  on 04/08/2013

Have you done everything you can to be completely prepared in the event of an emergency? Not only do you need to have a plan in place, but everyone in the family needs to be aware of that plan. While you'd like to all be together, the reality is that disaster can strike at any time and you may not have the luxury of all leaving together.


The Federal Emergency Management Agency, better known as FEMA, has issued a helpful document that combines all the medical and personal information you'd need in the event of a disaster. It's important to fill out these forms and for everyone in the family to know where they're located.


You also need to be sure that everyone knows where to go. In the event that cell phones are not available or functioning, everyone should know where the local meet up spot is. It may be with a neighbor, a family member, or it may be a central location such as a school parking lot.


For more useful tips on how to deal with a family emergency, check out The HSS Geek.  We have compiled lots of helpful information for consumers to consider in protecting their most valuable assets - their family and their home.

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