Flood Lights are No Replacement for a Home Security System

Article Posted by Expert Author: Emma Prior  on 03/05/2013

Many people feel that if they install flood lights or motion detectors outside their home, that they don’t necessarily need a home security system; this is a big mistake. The right lighting outside your home is beneficial, to a certain extent. It helps to deter many thieves from lurking around, but it is not a full-proof solution, nor should it be treated as one. What happens to your security when there is a storm, and the power is out, or when the bulb needs changing? What if you live in a rural area where thieves know that the next closest house is too far to see an invader? A home security package is essential in any type of environment and any neighborhood.

Understand that those lights you place outside your home definitely do help make your house less attractive to thieves, but if there is something in your home that thief wants, that light is not going to stop them. You need a home security system that monitors your doors and windows and preferably one that comes with a control panel, so you know exactly where the alarm has been triggered. This can be crucial if you are actually in the home when the alarm goes out.

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