ADT Offers Home Health Security Systems in Chicago

Article Posted by Expert Author: Emma Prior  on 06/04/2013

There is a lot to consider when choosing from one of the many home security systems Chicago has to offer. There are a few companies that have some really thoughtful and innovative features, but if you are searching for a company that offers a health monitoring system too, you really can’t go wrong with ADT. No one wants to give up their independent lifestyle too soon, but it is nice to know that help is nearby, just in case it is need. A personal emergency response system with ADT provides you with 24/7 monitoring, and help is only the push of a button away.

The system is incredibly easy to use. When the button is pushed, an ADT professional will try to speak with you through the two-way intercom. They can call an ambulance, or alert a nearby neighbor or relative to make sure help arrives to your promptly. Unlike many other home health systems, this one has an incredibly long 300-foot range, so even if you are out in the garden or walking to your mailbox, help can be alerted. Plus, you will be reminded to test your unit once every 30 days when a light comes on and prompts you to do so. With more than 130 years of experience, ADT is a home security systems Chicago company you know you can trust.

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