A Straightforward Guide to Home Security Systems Atlanta – Know Your Options

Making the choice to invest in home security systems Atlanta is a wise one – but it's only the first step. Now you must research which companies offer service in the area, compare their services, and decide which one makes the most sense for your family. We've made it simple by compiling the relevant information for you in one spot.

Maximum Coverage From ADT

ADT has more than 6 million customers – the most of any home surveillance and alarm company. When you consider the advantages they bring to the table, it's not hard to see why they're the top security company in the nation.

  • The most monitoring stations of any company. One of the reasons people feel so confident choosing their service is because they have more monitoring stations, which can mean quicker response times in the event of an emergency.
  • The most comprehensive guarantee in the business. Most companies will give you a month or so to try out a system. ADT gives their customers a full 6 month satisfaction guarantee.
  • Low to no start up costs. You get free professional installation with ADT, which means you can pay little or nothing to get your system installed. Most other companies offer either free self-installation or professional installation for a fee. ADT is the only national company that offers free professional installation.

The Flexibility of FrontPoint

FrontPoint may not have the 130+ years of experience that ADT does, but they bring their own advantages to the table.

  • Choose between free self-installation or professional installation for a fee. As we mentioned before, most providers have either free self-installation or charge a fee for professional installation – but you usually don't have a choice. FrontPoint offers both, so if you're confident in your installation skills you can save some money. If you're not, then you can pay the pros to take care of it.
  • Pick a basic plan and add extra coverage as needed. You can start off with the plan that comes closest to what you want, but if you need one particular type of extra coverage, you can simply add on to customize your plan.
  • A good choice for those who frequently move. FrontPoint makes it easy if you move, and if your new area isn't covered by their services then they'll let you out of your contract without a hassle.

Get the Best Buy From Vivant

In 2011, Consumer Reports rated Vivant a “Best Buy,” thanks in part to these factors:

  • Updated technologies. Most of your options will be wireless and will be compatible with smartphone applications so you can monitor them from afar. Vivant is one of the leaders in these latest technologies.
  • Affordable prices. Of course one of the factors that went into Consumer Reports' rating was the value offered. For those who want basic coverage at a great price, Vivant delivers.


You have several choices in home security systems Atlanta, and no company is right for everyone. Consider the unique advantages each one brings and decide what makes the most sense for your home.

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