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post burglary stressThose who have been through a home burglary will tell you that there's little else that can make you feel as violated as returning to your home, only to find that it's been ransacked. Not only is it a significant violation of privacy, but oftentimes, precious and irreplaceable items are stolen, along with their memories.

Following such a traumatic event, many homeowners wonder what they should do once they've confirmed that their home has been robbed. What follows are some tried and tested tips.


Steps To Take After Your Home Has Been Burglarized

Call The Police

Although a burglary occurs in the United States every few seconds, many burglaries go unreported. This is usually because homeowners feel that it's pointless to get in touch with the authorities.  But however fruitless you may think the situation may be, there is always a chance that your stolen property can be recovered. Also, in telling the authorities what's happened, you may also be able to save another homeowner from the same pain you've just endured.

Outside Or In?

Because there is the possibility that the burglar will still be in your home, it's important to stay outside of your home until the police arrive. This will ensure that you and your family are as safe as possible. A cell phone can be used to call police from your locked vehicle or neighbor's home.

If waiting inside the home, it's crucial that you don't touch anything, in case the burglar left fingerprints or other evidence behind.

When To File A Report

If you plan to place a claim with your insurance company, then you must file a police report no more than twenty-four hours after you discover your home has been burglarized.

Because noticing missing or damaged items is easiest following a burglary, making a list of those items as soon as possible is advised. The whole idea is to provide information as promptly as possible so that your case can remain on the radar of law enforcement.

Should You Return Right Away?

Many homeowners wonder where they should stay following a burglary. What will usually determine this is the amount of damage done to your home. As well, if the burglary isn't thought by law enforcement to be random, you and your family may be safer if they stay elsewhere temporarily.  Experts agree that when trying to answer this question, homeowners should err on the side of caution.

Emotionally Speaking

As those who have gone through it well know, the impact of burglary goes beyond the material items that may have been stolen. This traumatic experience will include much in the way of emotional scarring. Acknowledging how you feel about what has just happened to you is the first step to emotional recovery from burglary.

You may be able to receive assistance from local law enforcement with regard to talking to a professional about your experience. As well, it's important to be aware that the emotional recovery time which follows a burglary will be different for every individual. One thing that can help with recovery is to do something proactive, such as taking self-defense classes or beefing up the security around your home.

Chicago Dwellers - Big City Living Means Increased Home Security Requirements

Whether you live on the Gold Coast or Roger's Park, everyone can benefit from home security systems Chicago. There are several companies providing service in the Chicagoland area, and each has their own unique advantages. Let us help you compare your options so you can make the most informed decision.

ADT – America's #1 Security Company

There is no question that ADT is the top security company in the country, bar none. They currently serve more than 6 million customers and they've been in the home monitoring and alarm business for more than 140 years. And that's just the beginning of the advantages they offer.

  • ADT is the only national security company that provides professional installation at no charge. Many other companies do offer free self-installation kits, but only ADT will come out and install your system for free.
  • You'll have a wide range of plans to choose from. Most include wireless systems that are easy to use and virtually impossible to compromise.
  • Available coverages include burglary, fire, environmental and life safety.
  • ADT Pulse is a unique system that allows you to totally control your system, the climate of your home, and your lights from any computer or smartphone. Not only can this help keep you safe, but it can save you money on heating, cooling, and electrical costs.
  • You can try the ADT system out in your house for a full 6 months. If you're not happy then you'll be able to get out of your contract.

Protect America – Rated #1 by Top Consumer Reports

There are plenty of unique advantages to working with Protect America as well. Let's take a look.

  • Your initial start-up costs are minimal, thanks to free, simple self-installation.
  • Burglary and fire protection are available.
  • Try out the system for 7 days and decide if it's right for you. If not, you can return it with no questions asked.
  • Protect America is the only national security company that offers GPS tracking. If you opt for the optional service, then you can protect both your home and your vehicle with the same company.

FrontPoint – A Flexible Company You Can Grow With

The biggest advantage of working with FrontPoint is their flexibility. Self-installation is free, or you can pay to have it professionally installed – it's up to you. You can design your own package to exactly meet your needs.

  • Burglary, fire, and flood protection are available.
  • Try out the system risk-free for 30 days.
  • All FrontPoint systems are completely wireless.
  • All Front Point systems are compatible with their smartphone and computer applications, which allow you to monitor and arm/disarm your system from any smartphone, computer with internet access, or tablet.
  • A contract is required, but if you move out of their service area you can cancel it without paying an early-termination fee.


There you have it – several home security systems Chicago. Which one is right for you? That's hard to say, because each company brings unique experience, services, and advantages to the table.

However, no comparison would be complete without a solid review of ADT Home Security.  One of the pioneers in this industry, ADT has set the standard for reputable home monitoring.

Are you relocating to the southwest?  Make sure you check out home security systems Houston for solid information and advice on the top providers in the region, including, of course, ADT.

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