Protect Your Home from Burglary, Fire, and More with Home Security Systems Cleveland

Keeping your home safe and secure via home security systems Cleveland is about more than protecting it from burglars. Today's state of the art systems include aspects like medical monitoring, vehicle GPS tracking, and home automation. Below we have compared the main security companies in Cleveland and this is what we've found.


One of the many advantages of working with LifeShield is the ability to get started with minimal money down. Though you will likely need to sign a contract for a minimum period of time, this can afford you the opportunity to pay zero money down and pay no installation fee. Let's look at some other benefits.

  • A full host of coverage types available, including burglary, fire, carbon monoxide and medical.
  • A 30 day trial lets you try it out risk-free. If you're not happy after 30 days then you can return the unit and request a refund.
  • A simple self-installation kit is included. It is specifically designed for people who aren't particularly tech savvy and it comes with instructions that are easy enough for virtually anyone to follow.

Protect America

Top Consumer Reports has taken a look at their top security companies, and Protect America came out on top. Let's review the benefits that went into this distinction.

  • Protect America is the only provider that offers GPS vehicle tracking as a part of their services. A simple device is installed in your vehicle, and you then have the ability to track it. This comes in handy if the vehicle is stolen, or for parents who want to keep track of where their children take the car.
  • You'll get 7 days to try out the system to ensure it meets your needs.
  • All systems are wireless and work with a smartphone application. This application, which can also be accessed via tablet, allows you to monitor the security system and arm it or disarm it while you're away.


Without question, ADT is the top security company in America. They serve more than 6 million customers, and have more than 130 years of experience. Let's see what their customers rave about.

  • ADT provides free professional installation. Many other companies charge for professional installation or offer only self-installation. ADT is the only company that provides this service free of charge.
  • Most systems are wireless and can be access and controlled via tablet or smartphone.
  • You get a full 6 months to try out the system and discover if it's right for you.
  • ADT Pulse is a full home automation system that combines your home's heating and air conditioning and lighting into a single program that can all be controlled remotely via smartphone, tablet, or from any computer.


There are choices when it comes to home security systems Cleveland, and what's best for you may not be what is best for someone else. It's up to you to carefully review the above information and find out which plan fits your needs.

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