The Surprising Options in Home Security Systems Dallas

If you want your home to be as safe as Fort Knox, then you need to start with finding out about the home security systems Dallas. There are several companies servicing the area, and each of them brings unique advantages. Whether you want a basic anti-burglary plan or you want medical monitoring, fire, and carbon monoxide coverage as well, take a look at what the area has to offer.

Fort Knox Security Services

A local surveillance and alarm company covering the entire Dallas region, Fort Knox Security Services has several benefits that are worth considering.

  • No activation fee, which makes start-up costs minimal.
  • A money back service guarantee. If you're not happy or if the company doesn't perform as they say they will, then you can get your money back.
  • If you choose to pre-pay for the entire year, then you could get a significant discount.
  • All plans come with a moving release agreement, which means if you move out of their coverage area you can get out of your contract without hassle.
  • Free minor repairs.


ADT has a lot of experience to back up their claims. In fact, they've been in business for more than 130 years. They also have in excess of 6 million customers – which is more than any other provider. For these and many other reasons, they are the Number 1 home security company in the United States.

  • Each system comes with a full 6-month satisfaction guarantee, which is longer than any of the other national companies offer.
  • You get professional installation at no cost.
  • A wide range of plans to choose from, and most of their plans come with wireless connectivity.
  • Smartphone applications allow you to monitor your system while you're away.


There are several interesting facts about LifeShield, including the fact that they were started by a family who felt that the available systems in the industry simply didn't meet their needs. Back in 2008, this family decided to start a company of their own, which would provide the flexible options that they needed. The results are impressive.

  • A wide range of plans are available and you can get virtually any type of coverage you want, including: fire, flood, carbon monoxide, burglary, and medical protection.
  • You get the ability to build your own plan. Start with one of their basic plans and then add services on as you see fit.
  • All of their plans are completely wireless for maximum convenience and efficiency.
  • Monitor your alarm while you're away via the smartphone application. Some plans even allow you to open and close garage doors remotely, or turn lights on and off.
  • Try out their system for 30 days. If you're not happy, then you can return it for a full refund.
  • Installation is free, via an easy-to-use self-installation kit.


There you have it – many choices for home security systems Dallas. Take a closer look at each company and make the final decision about which one will work best for you.

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