Is Your Home at Risk? Learn How Burglars Identify a Target

Article Posted by Expert Author: Emma Prior  on 09/11/2013

Burglars don't typically break into houses randomly. Instead, they have specific criteria they're looking for.

Home Locations

Homes that are located within three blocks of any major thoroughfare are popular targets. This is because the close proximity to roadways can mean a quick getaway. As well, any homes that are located near wooded areas offer lots of places for burglars to hide. The same is true for homes near other forms of transportation, such as those located near railroad tracks. Popular parks can also mean that a burglar can easily blend in with other park visitors and quickly be lost.

When You Moved In

Have you moved into your home in the past year? If so, then you are more likely to be a victim of burglary, according to statistics. This is because, being a new homeowner, you are likely not yet familiar with your neighbors, and they don't know who you are. This means that your neighbors will be far less likely to notify the authorities about any suspicious activity happening on your home.

The Price Of Your Home

If you live in the most expensive home on the block, this could also raise your likelihood of being burglarized. This is because of the assumption among burglars that expensive homes contain more expensive belongings. Even if you live well below your means, the price you paid for your home could be enough of a temptation for a burglar to see what's inside.

The Neighborhood Attraction

Many burglars will take a look at the entire neighborhood before they choose a home to break into. Oftentimes these neighborhoods will already be familiar to burglars, who may spend a large amount of their time there. Interestingly, burglars will also tend to target those neighborhoods in a state of perpetual change. If, for example, there are always people moving in or out of your neighborhood, this may communicate to a thief that they are much less likely to be flagged as an unfamiliar person simply because the residents can't know everyone who moves in and out of their neighborhood.

As far as streets go, burglars look for those which offer many routes for escape. And so a street with an adjacent bike path, school yard or field can offer many opportunities to hide or quickly relocate.

The Inside And Outside Of Your Home

Regardless of how much you may have paid for your home, how you take care of it matters. A home with a constantly-manicured lawn tells a burglar that you are paying attention to your home, and will likely also pay attention to anyone wanting to trespass on your property or break into it.

As far as the inside of your home goes, keeping your valuables out of sight from the street is important. This includes any office equipment or electronics in addition to more traditional items that would be considered to be valuable, such as any heirlooms you may have on display. If you are unable to move these items away from windows, you can shield them from view simply by ensuring that your window coverings are down or the blinds drawn either all or part of the time.

Keeping your lights on is not the most effective theft deterrent, according to experts. Any burglar can revisit a neighborhood several times, and will make note of things like a light that never seems to turn off. The same is true of lights that are placed on timers; if the burglar visits your location enough times, they will get to be familiar with when timer lights turn on and off, and for how long. This is where home security systems Phoenix come into play.  You can change the programming of lights to various times to make it appear more random.

Many of these factors can't be controlled, but being aware of the risk and installing a security system will help you stay safe and burglary-free.  Check out the information available at The HSS Geek to help you identify and consider any potential risks you may currently have, and actions you can take to mitigate those risks.

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