How to Get the Most From your Smoke Alarms

Article Posted by Expert Author: Emma Prior  on 04/08/2013

You know you need smoke and fire alarms, but do you know the best way to ensure you're completely protected? Here are a few must-dos when it comes to fire safety.


  • There are currently 2 main types of fire alarms on the market: ionization and photoelectric. Each one is better than the other at detecting certain types of fire. The best option is to choose an alarm that has both elements.

  • At a minimum, you should have one smoke alarm on each floor; however, it's best to have one both inside and outside of each sleeping area.

  • Test each alarm every month to make sure it's still operating properly.

  • Replace batteries at least once per year.

  • Smoke alarms last approximately 8-10 years. If you move into a new home and aren't sure how long the alarms have been there, then it's best to make a small investment and simply replace them.


These simple tips will help protect your home and family from fire danger.


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