Do Home Security Systems Reduce Insurance Premiums

Article Posted by Expert Author: Emma Prior  on 03/29/2013

You may have recently heard someone say that their homeowner’s insurance premium was reduced significantly after they had a security package installed, so this probably left you wondering if this is even true. Is it really possible that home security systems can reduce insurance premiums? They sure can! Most people install a system simply for security purposes. They want to feel safe when they are home, and know that their home is protected when they are not there. What they soon learn though is that the system offers another fantastic benefit they weren’t even prepared for; reduced insurance premiums.

In the United States, the average homeowner pays approximately $800 for insurance. This is a lot of money! When some of the country’s largest insurance providers were surveyed, it was found that an average of a 20 percent discount is granted to individuals with a monitored alarm system. Homeowners are being encouraged by their insurance companies to install a home security system so they provide discounts to make the idea even more desirable. After all, it is in their best interest to have the home protected because there is less risk that the homeowner will ever have the need to file a claim.

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