Give a Senior Loved One Their Freedom with Home Security

Article Posted by Expert Author: Emma Prior  on 04/15/2013

keep seniors safe with home securityIf you have a parent, grandparent or any other senior loved one then you know it can be stressful always wondering if they are okay. Maybe they are not ready to go into assisted living yet, but they really should not be left alone all the time either due to diminished health. You want to support their choice to retain their freedom, but at the same time, you want to make sure that help is always within reach. Home security may be your answer.

You can’t always be there within minutes, if they call. Not to mention, if there is a health emergency, they may not be able to get to the phone to call you. A security package with a medical alarm may be the perfect solution. This feature comes with a receiver as well as a pendant or button they can wear. If there is a medical emergency, all they have to do is press the button they are already wearing and first responders will be alerted. This is also beneficial because the responders are automatically supplied with any health problems or allergies that the person has, which is beneficial if the person is unconscious when they arrive on the scene.

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