How to Use Your Smartphone with Home Security Systems

Article Posted by Expert Author: Emma Prior  on 01/03/2014

Ten years ago, most people probably would not have believed that they would eventually be able to control everything from their lights to their thermostat to the locks on the front door, simply by using their cellphone, but they are not called “smart” phones these days for nothing. Many home security systems give you the power to use your web-enabled mobile device to view real-time video, disarm your alarm system, receive alerts from your home, adjust your thermostat and a whole lot more.

Now with home security systems you never have to wonder if you remembered to arm the system before you left for work, or if your teenager has friends in the house while you are not there. Not to mention, since you can view real-time video, you can use your phone to see your front door, if you hear something outside, if you have video surveillance. You can’t imagine how much more at peace you will be when you know your house is protected and you are in full control. You use your smartphone for everything else, from playing games to listening to music to reading books; you might as well use it for something extremely important, like monitoring the security of your home.

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