How-to Prevent Home Fires | Simple Tips to Keep Your Home and Family Safe

Article Posted by Expert Author: Emma Prior  on 04/08/2013


A fire in your home can be devastating, but these simple tips will help keep you safe.
1. Careful in the kitchen. The majority of fires in the home are started in the kitchen. Don't leave food unattended and do stand by your pan as you're cooking.
2. Space out your space heaters. The second most common way to start a fire in the home is by using space heaters. This doesn't mean you shouldn't use them, but it does mean you need to be careful to leave at least 3 feet of empty space all around it.
3. Smoke outdoors. Cigarette smoke is problematic for a lot of reasons, and it's the third most common way a house fire is started. The solution is simple: send smokers outdoors and provide them with a safe way to extinguish their cigarettes.
These 3 tips are simple ways to prevent the most common causes of home fires. By simply being aware of the most common dangers, you can help to prevent a fire in your home.  Another key component in protecting your family is, of course, home security systems designed to sound the alarm before any tragedy takes place.

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